Welcome to New North Road’s website!

We are delighted that you have joined us today. We hope that there will be further opportunities for you to return and maybe even visit us at our worship services and other activities in the church.

Jesus Christ established His church as a community of believers who would encourage one another in living the Christian life and share his love with others. It is our aim to do that by our words, our welcome and our lives. At New North Road we are a group of people from different backgrounds, of all ages, but united in our desire to love and serve God in the name of Jesus.

We offer relevant worship, strong Biblical teaching, opportunities to pray and be prayed for, sensitive pastoral care and supportive friendship. As Jesus accepted all who came to him, so we too would like to invite you into our fellowship. We hope that in company with us you will come to know the presence of God and the power of his Spirit. We pray that in due course you may adopt this Church as your spiritual home. We welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

New North Road Baptist Church is affiliated to the Yorkshire Baptist Association and the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

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New North Road Church
New North Road Church
New North Road Church