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Morning service  10:30am

Evening service    6:30pm

Meetings for Prayer


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Morning Service - every Sunday at 10:30am

A typical service comprises of 6 - 8 hymns or songs, and 2 or 3 times of led prayer, sometimes with congregational responses. Prayers include praise, seeking personal forgiveness and prayers for others - both local and worldwide. Occasionally there is 'Open Prayer' when the congregation participate. There are 2 or 3 Bible readings (from Old and New Testament) leading into the sermon (or address) which lasts about 20 minutes.

The sermon is the climax of the service because in it we listen to what God is saying to us through the Bible passages and seek to apply the message to our lives. During the sermon, visual aids are usually projected onto a large screen.

An offering of money is collected during each service, this is for those who would like to donate money and is completely voluntary. Some people 'Gift Aid' this donation, which may also be given to the church through a bank standing order. The money is used to maintain the work of the local and national church, for outreach and practical needs, to support Baptist Home Mission and Baptist Missionary Society, and to alleviate human need across the globe.

In each morning service there is a Family Time, where the focus is on children, and there may be a story or quiz or practical activity, before the children leave the service to go into separate groups in Junior Church. A creche is also available for younger children every Sunday morning.

Each worship service lasts 60 - 80 minutes. Light refreshments are then served in the Cafe, providing an opportunity to meet and chat with other members of the congregation.

The Lord's Supper is included in the worship on the third Sunday morning of each month.


Evening Service - every Sunday at 6:30pm

The evening service, which also lasts for approximately an hour has similar components to the morning's 'busy' service but has more opportunity for reflection, meditation and sharing. Different approaches to studying and applying God's Word are explored.

A healing aspect is sometimes incorporated, with opportunity for 'laying on of hands' or other means of seeking healing or wholeness.

The Lord's Supper is included in the service on the first Sunday evening of each month.


Meetings for Prayer

We meet for prayer every Sunday morning
between 10-10:15am.
A prayer meeting is held at 9am on the first Saturday of every month.


The Lord's Supper (Holy Communion)

Communion is observed on the first Sunday evening and third Sunday morning of every month, as part of the whole worship service. All Christian believers are invited to receive Communion, whether or not they are church members.
The congregation usually remain seated for this Observance and are served by Deacons (Church leaders) with the bread and the wine (in small individual cups).


Music and Hymn Books

Hymn books in use are The Source and Baptist Praise and Worship.

The Music Group lead singing of modern songs and challenging rhythms!

Musical accompaniment is provided by an Allen organ and/or the piano or by the music group on piano, guitar, drums and instruments.



NNR has an open baptistry, which is filled with warm water for believers' baptism by total immersion. The fact that it is never covered provides a permanent reminder of the importance to Baptists of the sacrament of Believers' Baptism. Those seeking baptism as believers should in the first instance approach the minister. A course of 3 or 4 sessions is usually followed in preparation for baptism.


Weddings and Funerals

The Church is a registered building for the conduct of marriage services, and has an appointed person who is authorised to complete and sign the registers, so that the presence of another registrar is not necessary. Those seeking to be married in the church should contact the Minister, who will advise them about practicalities and offer a course of marriage preparation.


Church Membership

Members of the church exercise responsibility for the affairs of the church through a monthly church meeting. Membership is open to those who have been baptised as believers in any church. Those in membership with other Baptist Churches may have their membership transferred to New North Road. Other people, who are members in good standing with other churches and who have not been baptised as believers, may, if they wish, also transfer their membership to this church.

The usual procedure is for the church meeting to appoint two people to make a friendly visit to applicants for church membership. They will then bring a report to the next church meeting which is then asked to agree to receive applicants into membership of the church. New members are formally received into church membership at a communion service when the 'right hand of fellowship' is extended to them.


Infant Dedication

As Baptists who practice the baptism of believers we do not baptise (or christen) babies. However, parents are invited to bring their baby for a service of thanksgiving, blessing, and dedication to parenthood. The congregation pledges their support to the parents in this role, and the church family welcomes the new baby. Parents who wish to bring their child to church for such a service should contact the minister.


Inside the church

This is a large carpeted area, with pine-panelled sloping ceilings and exposed brickwork. Seating is on individual chairs.

There is an 'overflow' raised area, accessed by a sliding partition, and this has other uses as a stage or meeting room.

A trio of attractive stained glass windows provide colour and style to the Sanctuary. Deep shades of yellow, orange and red imbue this 'trinity' with any amount of significance to the careful observer.

A central banner hangs behind the pulpit. This is regularly changed to fit with the season of the year or special events. Other banners are also in evidence. This wide supply is provided by skilled and dedicated needle-women.

Arrangements of flowers are also evident in church, thanks to a rota of flower arrangers.


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